Youth Football Evaluations & Draft

VLPRA Youth Football Assessments

We play in a school-based system where your children are grouped together by middle school district.  Many times, we have enough children to create two teams in those districts.  In these cases, we hold an evaluation and draft to split up the teams fairly.  If you are receiving this message, your child is on a team that may need to attend an assessment. Assessments will be Tuesday, 8/28 and Thursday, 8/30. Please look for your child’s team below to see if you need to attend.

Tuesday 8/28 
5:45 PM   Pine Grove 4th & 5th                                                 
5:45 PM   Newbern 2nd & 3rd***
6:30PM    Lowndes 4th & 5th 
6:30PM    Lowndes 2nd & 3rd*** 
7:15 PM   Hahira 4th and 5th           
7:15 PM   Hahira 2nd & 3rd*** 
7:45 PM   JL Newbern 4th & 5th***

Thursday 8/30 
5:45 PM    Pine Grove K/1 Flag                                                 
5:45 PM    JL Newbern K/1 Flag 
6:30 PM    Lowndes K/1 Flag                                                     
6:30 PM    Hahira K/1 Flag 
7:15 PM    Valdosta K/1 Flag 
7:15 PM    Valdosta 4th & 5th***


***Teams with asterisks are on the verge of splitting and may or may not need to be broken into two teams.  We want parents to be prepared in case it does happen, so please plan on being there at your assigned time if your team is listed.  We will confirm these times on Monday (8/29) and let you know for certain if your team will need a draft.  Any team listed without an asterisk WILL DEFINITELY have an assessment and draft.  Right now, the Pine Grove 2nd/3rd and the Valdosta 2nd/3rd teams will not require an assessment or draft.

All assessments will be at Vallotton Youth Athletic Complex, Fields 1 and 2. 
It is critical that each participant is on time. 
There is a five minute grace period. If you are more than five minutes late, we may not allow you to participate in the assessment and your child will be auto-assigned to a team. 

Assessments should take no more than one hour. Please make sure your child is there and wearing athletic clothes/tennis shoes. He/she will be running around doing a few drills. Very simple, no pressure. As soon as you are done with your assessment, you are free to leave. Any participant who does not attend assessments will still get assigned to a team, but they will not be drafted by a coach.  They will be auto-assigned at random by computer.   

After assessments, coaches will report to our main office at 1901 North Forrest Street for drafts. 
After the draft, those coaches will be given their rosters. 
All other coaches for teams not attending assessments may pick up their rosters on Wednesday.

Coaches will contact parents directly via phone or text in the few days after receiving their roster.  If you do not hear from a coach by Wednesday, September 5th, please call us at 229-259-3507 and let us know.  
Please make sure your phone number in your VLPRA account is accurate!!!!


We will have football equipment/uniform fittings the first week of September and will send out an email next week with that schedule.  Please keep an eye out for email updates.

Thank you and please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to an awesome season!

Board Meetings

Authority Board Meeting
The next Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks & Recreation Authority Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th at 4:30 PM at VLPRA's main office located at 1901 North Forrest Street.

Finance Committee Meeting
The Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks & Recreation Authority Board's Facilities Committee is scheduled to meet Wednesday, September 19th at 3:45 PM at VLPRA's main office located at 1901 North Forrest Street.